How Do Business Owners Stay Focused?

Many entrepreneurs think their biggest problem is finding funding. But what those entrepreneurs forget is the demon of distraction. Lack of focus and distraction can destroy any business, making it lose its momentum. By year three, 44% of businesses fail. This means that focus is essential to a business’s success. And maintaining your short-term and […]

4 Steps Towards Avoiding a Hangover

Well, alcohol does a few things to the body which cumulates a hangover. The ethanol in alcohol lowers glucose levels in the blood and even more so in the brain. Glucose gives the brain most of its energy so as a result when glucose levels drop dramatically the results cause you to feel really crazy. […]

Fixing Wine-Stained Lips and Teeth After Red Wine

Most people have been in this somewhat embarrassing situation before: they’ve had several glasses of red wine-Merlot, Cabernet, take your pick-and the evidence is all over their teeth and lips. Whether enjoying an evening glass at home or while eating out with some friends, people don’t require anything special to rid themselves of wine-stained teeth […]

5 Tips On How You Can Grill Like A Pro On A Rainy Day

When you love having barbecues in your backyard, chances are that you’ve experienced grilling in the rain. Unless it’s really heavy (too heavy for you to stop), there are a number of things you can do so that you can carry on cooking what’s on your grill. Better yet, you can come prepared – especially […]

What Is Smoking?

One of the oldest forms of food preservation, having arisen after the development of cooking with fire. Heat and smoke infuse a flavor into fish, ham, poultry, and meat and prevent the growth of microbes. Is an effective way to preserve food but care must be taken to avoid contamination and illness. By supplying a […]